Let’s face it - speaking more than one language is more than beneficial in today’s world. The truth is, bilingual families teaching their kids more than one language make the kids’ perception of things wider, and their opportunities greater in the future.
Whether you are coming from a bilingual family or not, there are many reasons to start teaching your kids foreign languages. Not only they can speak to more people - learning a foreign language will make your kid smarter and will boost their test scores in core subjects, as well as their abilities in their native language.
In an advanced digital era like the one we are living in, there are so many ways to learn a foreign language in an easy way. However, the best way for kids to learn a second language is in a fun way - best seen in apps on mobile phones and tablets. That is why today, we are introducing you to Babylingos.

If you have tried to download an app for foreign language learning, you probably know that there are a lot of similar apps on the marketplace. However, Babylingo is one of the most unique apps for foreign language learning for kids, only because of its user-friendly interface and handpicked content.
Basically, Babylingo makes language learning a breeze for kids as young as 6 months old. The application combines cartoonized images and text, showing them in a simple and exciting way through audio and video. This way, your kids can learn the basics of English and Spanish and make most of the alphabet, colors, numbers and shapes.
If you are living in a bilingual country, Babylingo will make sure to show your kids the basics of English and Spanish and make your conversations a lot easier in the future. Not only their mindset will expand - you will find it easier to talk to your kids in both English and Spanish and see how they develop their sense of understanding.

Unlike many other apps, Babylingo is designed to be interactive. This practically means that your kid will be swiping and tapping on the screen while learning words in English and Spanish.
It all begins with a single letter showing on the screen. The kid can tap on it or move it around and it will be automatically placed in the corner, after which an animation of the word can pop up along with the spelling of the word below it. The application is also made with an integrated voice by a professional narrator that pronounces each word perfectly in Spanish and English.
The point here is simple - not only your kid can see what the word is, read it and interact with it - he or she can also hear the word and its pronunciation. This makes memorizing each word a lot easier.
Babylingo is available for download in the iOS store - and can be used on both iPhones and iPads. It perfectly fits to the screen and delivers an engaging experience through animations, text and video.

As you can see, nowadays there is really an app for everything. In such times, Babylingo is the perfect app for bilingual language learning - and the best choice you can make if you want your kid to start learning Spanish or English as his second language from his early days.
All you need to do is download Babylingo, open the app and start learning new languages together with your kid. Whether it’s at school, after school or in language class, Babylingo can be used everywhere and is proven to be one of the easiest bilingual language learning apps on the market.
In the end, we all know that it is a lot easier to acquire foreign languages as a child. So, what are you waiting for?
Download Babylingo today and help your child master two languages simultaneously -  in the easiest way possible!